WhatsApp Messenger Installation – Android Tablet

As per the report, since last few years area of using mobiles phone has raised by many points; and due this it has created on more class of community which is using the smartphones. Till the today on this WhatsApp Android platform we have discuss the advantages of WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Plus and many more.

So, today we will familiar you with something new regarding the WhatsApp for Android. Be ready to know how to utilize Whatsapp application for an android tablet. Following is step by step for using WhatsApp Messenger for Android Tablet.

  •  The basic is that if the WhatsApp app is not installed on your tablet then it is very simple to download it from android market. So, in the first step one has to reach to android market to download WhatsApp Messenger.
  •  Then in second step simply install the file expert for this application.
  • In the next phase open the file expert
  •  Select the first page
  • Once you have opened that then need to wait for its loading.
  • After loading the application , jump to select whatsapp messenger application for your tablet.
  • Now the main step comes where you have to connect your phone and copy the apps out; however, this phase comes only when you have a laptop or PC.
  • Paste this app
  • Start installation

In case if you don’t have a system (Laptop and PC), then you can use drop box for purpose of uploading it. However, once the uploading has been finished you can download it.

Now, the key phase come when the application will required input for a number,use tge number of your phone. So, in this case you will get a twxt with a verification pin. Simply, you need to paste this pin for the whatsapp messenger on your Android tablet.

This is easy when you have contact for whatsapp. But what when no contacts, so that time where to put contacts on android tablet? Don’t worry following is solution for this question

  • Take your android phone -> open file expert -> settings.
  • Apk settings -> Hidden apk system (Makes it show)
  • Select the tab of my app from file wxpert -> open
  • Then let it to load and you need to have a look any contact, contact storage, apk, contact sync
  • Copy files -> Paste them android tablet ( medium can be used anyone either pc
    PC, Bluetooth or dropbox)
  • Start installation.
  • Fill up your contacts
  • Save those filled contacts

So, see how it is too simple for installing Whatsapp Messenger on your android tablet.


  1. Achmed Jasanmenawi

    I want to download whatsapp for android

  2. Watzup

  3. Hi…..

  4. You need to tell people looking at your instructions that if they use their phone to get the PIN to enable Whatsapp to run on their tablet, Whatsapp will stop running on their phone cos Whatsapp will not let two different devices run Whatsapp with the same phone number. Or you could just use an old mobile phone (with a different number obviously) that can’t run Whatsapp anyway, to get the PIN – problem solved then I guess?

  5. Installing whattsapp on play store

  6. I can’t install whatsapp on my motorola backflip. Is my phone compatible?

  7. Muy buena aapp

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